WGC-50 Lid Dropper

We can add the same lid dropper from the automated line to be operated in a manual fashion to enhance ergonomics, increase throughput, and (most importantly!) keep fingers off the lids.

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Twist Rinse

CNC Machined from solid blocks of HDPE, the WGE Twist rinse inverts and rinses cans prior to introduction into the core conveyor with minimum footprint.  Easily Combines with a depal conveyor and still only adds ~9' to the overall length (~4' of that is the width of the pallet!).  Available for both half pallets and full pallets.  Easy access to the inside both through ergonomic slots machined into the modules themselves and by quick release hasps that allow each section to be instantly split in half.     Because we machine all the parts, we can also make it turn corners or come together...

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