Wild Goose Canning

A proud name.  The Wild Goose story.

The Wild Geese were Irish soldiers who left home to serve on the continent during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.  With the full conquest of Ireland by England in the mid 1500′s, followed by the confiscation laws of the early 1600′s, there were few opportunities for the native Irish to find a way to rise in society.

One of the few ways to make a substantial living was to leave Ireland and go to the continent to fight for a living.  A large part of this service was during the 100 year’s war.  The term “Wild Geese” originated with the arrival on the continent of over 14,000 soldiers and 10,000 women and children in the late 1600′s.  Ireland was economically stressed at the time.

The Wild Geese were instrumental in sending financial support to the families left in Ireland.  Wild Goose Engineering was formed on the basis that we will take on difficult tasks, make a success of our efforts and produce a useful result.  We will take on the task, difficult or not, and bring it in on time and inside of budget.  We retain the spirit of those adventurous and determined people to generate prosperity and peace of mind to our customers.